DC Comics
Review: Wonder Woman Tasmanian Devil
By Philip Schweier
July 13, 2017 - 14:34

DC Comics
Writer(s): Tony Bedard
Artist(s): Ben Caldwell
Penciller(s): Barry Kitson
Inker(s): John Floyd
Colourist(s): Lovern Kindsierski
Letterer(s): Dave Sharp
Cover Artist(s): Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair; Byron Vaughn, Carrie Strachan

We know of many creatures from ancient times: the Minotaur, the Kraken, etc. We haven’t heard of the Tasmanian Devil being among them, but as Nelson Muntz once said, “Historical records are sketchy at best.” But clearly Diana knows of him, as she seeks his help in removing a curse from the Amazons.

The story if frought with magic, battles, creatures reminiscent of Ray Harryhausen, and is sure to please any Wonder Woman fan. Were another creature substituted, it could easily have been a straight Wonder Woman story.

I feel Tony Bedard did a remarkable job putting Wonder Woman and the Taz together. It would have been easy to feature them in an adversarial situation but he rose to the greater challenge of making them allies – and it works VERY well.

I can’t say when I’ve seen wonder Woman look lovelier. As rendered by Kitson and Floyd, she has a Jennifer Connolly/Linda Rondstadt appearance I find delightful. The back-up feature, which stars a more traditional Tasmanian Devil, is a challenging rhyme of the Trojan War as seen through a Looney Tunes lens. It features cameos from other cartoon characters, with homages toward some classic (and not-so-classic) moments.

Rating: 10/10

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