DC Comics
Wonder Woman #31
By Hervé St-Louis
January 28, 2018 - 13:21

DC Comics
Writer(s): James Robinson
Penciller(s): Carlo Pagulayan
Inker(s): Sean Peasron, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna
Colourist(s): Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer(s): Saida Temofonte
Cover Artist(s): Bryan Hitch, Alex Sinclair; Jenny Frison


Grail, daughter of Darkseid returns and fights Heracles, the Greek demigod so that she may steal his powers and feed them to her father. Can Heracles defeat Grail? Elsewhere, Wonder Woman inherits a something from a long-lost sibling.

Okay, after several months, I don’t think that I am spoiling everything by saying that Wonder Woman inherited the riches of Heracles/Hercules who dies in his fight against Grail. I dislike the Hercules was so easily defeated by Grail, who is both Darkseid’s daughter and that of an Amazon. Often in comics, a big name will be brought down to show how impressive a new opponent is.  I could not feel the struggle that Grail had in bringing down no-less than Hercules.


There was a time at DC Comics where it was said that Wonder Woman was a strong as Hercules. What this story does is clearly state that she may be beyond her half-brother’s power levels. This is not a problem and has been established too many times. Yet, I still feel that a great character was easily defeated to make way for a newer one.

Carlo Pagulayan is excellent here. His Hercules loos like Henry Cavill’s Superman! The fight is well-choregraphed even-though it was brief and did not show as much struggle as I would have liked. I did enjoy his Wonder Woman who vaguely resembles Gal Gadot!

Rating: 8/10

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