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True Loves vol.1
By Patrick Bérubé
September 28, 2009 - 05:00

New Reliable Press
Writer(s): Manien Botma
Penciller(s): Jason Turner
Inker(s): Jason Turner
Cover Artist(s): Jason Turner
ISBN: 0-9738079-1-1
$12.99 US 128 pages

True is a vintage clothing store owner. As her relationship with her boyfriend becomes more and more serious, she starts to question herself. Is he the good guy for her? Enter Zander, the easy going guy who slowly enters True's life. Now with a new men in her life, she will have to find a way to break with his current boyfriend. It is not as easy as it sound especially when your best friend is there to help you out.

True Loves vol.1 came out in 2006 but it's only recently that I discovered it and I was happily surprised to how easy it was to appreciate. I had some doubt at first when I ordered it because "modern romance" is not a genre I usually read but I am glad I made the effort. The plot written by Manien Botma is actually sweet and touching but without being cheesy and it does not fall into melodrama. The life of the various characters are very credible which makes the story even more interesting. It's almost like it could have happened to someone you know. I also like the fact that the plot is firmly grounded to a place. By taking place in Vancouver and using a lot of real-world reference it helps everything feel more personal. There was only one minor flaw that bothered me and I understood where it came from after reading the afterword. There is some odd transitions between the various scenes that somehow hurt the pacing. This come from the fact True Loves was first published as a Webcomics in shorter installments before being printed and put between two covers.

Jason Turner's art match the story very well. His style is simple and clean. The characters seems alive and can show their emotions which is very important when telling stories taking place at such a human level. Even if it's not perfect, I cannot honestly find something in particular to say against his pencil which is a good example of the overall quality.

If you are an avid romance/slice of life comics reader or if you are just even remotely interested in them, I think you should consider buying True Loves vol. 1. The fact that both my wife and I liked it shows that it can please to a wide range of public.

Rating: 8/10

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