Marvel Comics
Thor #603
By Andy Frisk
October 1, 2009 - 21:01

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): J. Michael Straczynski
Penciller(s): Marko Djurdjevic
Inker(s): Danny Miki
Colourist(s): Jelena Kavic Djurdjevic with Laura Martin
Letterer(s): VC’s Joe Sabino
$3.99 US

Donald Blake introduces his friend from New York, named Sylvan, who just so happens to be a model, to his small town’s hotel, as she needs lodging. Sylvan is Sif’s new alter ego form, and she'd have to pretend to be a model as 6+ foot tall women with goddess beauty aren't to prevalent around those parts, well at least since the residents of Asgard have left for Latveria. The Warriors Three return to the same town in search of their friend Thor, and Loki and Doom exchange “gifts,” as it were, for their mutual aid to one another. Doom provides some untraceable, augmented Doombots, for which Loki has a special target, and Loki supplies Doom with the first of many normal Asgardians for Doom to experiment upon. Doom plans to vivisect as many of them as possible in order to study and hopefully crack the secret of their immortality or, as in “normal” Asgardian cases, extremely long life. Meanwhile, Kelda’s mortal lover, Bill, goes exploring and accidentally stumbles upon Doom and Loki’s plans…


One of Marvel Comics’ best plotted titles looks to get back on track after what feels like an over extended hiatus since issue #600. Much has happened to our hero over the past few issues and annual. Thor unwittingly slew his returned grand-father, Bor, which was the culmination of an elaborate scheme of Loki’s, of course. In the process Thor broke Mjolnir, and had to, with the help of Dr. Strange, use the Odinpower to repair it, thus divesting himself of it. He’s also been banished from Asgard. Yes true believers (as Stan would say), the serious and excellently executed storyline in Thor continues to rank amongst the best at Marvel right now, even after its “hiatus.” It seems that Thor has his back against the wall, and Loki and Doom’s plans are almost foolproof. A resolution to the situation looks nearly impossible, but with Thor no longer master of the Odinpower, what’s to stop Odin himself from returning now? Perhaps here is the answer to the evil besetting Thor and all the Asgardians. Perhaps Odin and Thor can set things right together, as father and son.

A look back at #602

Djurdjevic replaces Copiel this issue. While Copiel’s work is missed, as it established Thor and the Asgardians’ look for the 21st Century, Djurdjevic is quite an accomplished artist himself. He continues to adhere to the vision for the Thor, Asgard, and its inhabitants as was laid out by Straczynski and Copiel. The look and feel of Thor and his fellows has never been as strong, realistic, and interesting as it has been since Thor’s title was re-launched. As mentioned in the article A Shakespearean Thor, Kenneth Branagh, who is directing Thor’s silver screen debut, had best be checking out Thor for ideas on how to present a visual and literary representation of these heroes that will be fitting for the big screen.

Overall, Thor remains one of Marvel Comics’ must reads each month. The breadth and depth of the plot, coupled with the high quality artwork, makes this book definitely worth picking up each month.

Rating: 9/10

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