Marvel Comics
The Ultimates #16 Review
By Andy Frisk
September 26, 2012 - 18:47

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Sam Humphries
Penciller(s): Luke Ross
Inker(s): Luke Ross
Colourist(s): Matt Milla
Letterer(s): VC's Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist(s): Michael Komarck
$3.99 US

President Steve Rogers/Captain America almost single handedly puts most of America back together after taking the oath of office as President of The United States. Rogers won the special election held last issue, but wastes no time peddling to the special interests in Washington, DC, especially the ones that are trying to keep America divided, literally. President Cap takes the oath of office, makes Carol Danvers his Chief of Staff, ends the war between North Carolina and South Carolina, dispatches Tony Stark, successfully I might add, to negotiate the West Coast Nation back into The Union, takes out the nefarious Senator Underwood's man at SHIELD along with said Senator, and dispatches Thor to Wyoming to deal with the hidden threat there. This behind the scenes threat is more powerful than any of The Ultimates, especially Thor, could have imagined though, and nothing less than a full fledged war against him and his HYDRA forces will bring an end to the hostilities...

Sam Humphries manages to plot one of the most fast paced and solidly complete issues of The Ultimates that I have ever read in its current incarnation AND previous. Step by step and panel by panel Humphries puts President Cap through the wringer and brings him out on top of each situation smartly and concisely. All of this builds up to the winning reveal at the end of the issue of just who has been the bad guy behind the whole "Divided We Fall" storyline all along. All in all, The Ultimates #16 It's all nothing short of a smart, yet incredibly fun, read.

Luke Ross and Matt Milla take the artistic reins this issue and keep up the solid and realistic look that Billy Tan established last issue rolling along just fine. Sharp, crisp, and thick lines characterize Ross' art and, for a clear cut and action packed issue, this style is more than perfect for it. Milla's colors are sharp and crisp as well, but not overbearing, which all brings a realistic and nuanced look to Ross' pencils and inks.

After not reading any of the Ultimate Comics line of titles for years, simply because they were so bad, I now cannot wait for next month's installments of not only The Ultimates, but Ultimate Spider-Man, and Ultimate X-Men as well. Welcome back Ultimate Universe. 

Rating: 9/10

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