DC Comics
The Flash #35
By Hervé St-Louis
August 8, 2018 - 23:16

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joshua Williamson, Michael Moreci
Artist(s): Pop Mhan
Colourist(s): Ivan Plascencia
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Neil Googe, Ivan Plascencia; Howard Porter, Hi-Fi


The Flash and Kid Flash fight Meena Dhawan – the Negative Flash who stole negative speed force from Barry Allen earlier.

This issue reminded me of one of those John Byrne epic comic where the crazy villainous woman is taking over and trying to subdue the hero and his sidekick. There are many grins and poses of heroes in pain and plotting to find a way to defeat the villainess. One thing this comic has is a lot of action, as this current run of the Flash has had in abundance.


Pop Mhan displays a lot of energy in his work and somehow makes the pages look big. His speedsters don’t pop  in the same frame multiple times like Francis Manapul. Yet the characters still look like they are moving so this is good. I find some of his faces a bit distracting and the jagged layout is inventive but does not really improve the storytelling and the narrative.

Rating: 6.5/10

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