DC Comics
The Flash #53
By Hervé St-Louis
August 24, 2018 - 13:34

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joshua Williamson
Artist(s): Christian Duce
Colourist(s): Luis Guerrero
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Dan Mora; Jonboy Meyers
$2.99, 20 pages


It’s the 25th century and goon called the Elongated Maniac who has the same powers as the 21st century Flash’s ally the Elongated Man just killed several innocent persons that he was keeping hostage. What do you do? What would the 21st century Flash expect you to do?

This issue serves as the brief origin of Commander Cold, the new Flash ally from the future who is now stranded in the present. Commander Cold, is a cop, but he has a history, or should I write, a future of handling criminals badly. This is what this issue is about. It continued the “can I trust him or not” line of reasoning of Barry Allen about this most unusual ally.


This is another one of those Joshua Williamson plot that moves very fast from the previous storyline making sure that readers cannot catch their breath. I used to complain about the fast pacing. Now, I accept it as what Williamson wants his tenure on the Flash to be remembered as. He does not write padded comics that take six months to unravel. He writes fast-paced stories about characters that move faster than thought. It may seem a bit tacky at times, but this is his style.

Christian Duce is another from a long line of artists working on this series as a fill-in artist. His style is reminiscent of Howard Porter’s but leaner and cleaner. He has a good handling of super hero dramatics and action but he does commit several 180 degrees errors…

Rating: 7.5/10

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