DC Comics
The Flash #32
By Hervé St-Louis
February 19, 2018 - 16:43

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joshua Williamson
Artist(s): Christian Duce
Colourist(s): Ivan Plascencia
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Helley Jones, Michelle Madsen; Howard Porter


Barry Allen starts his first day of work at Iron Heights and witnesses the weird incarceration regime of super villains. But before he can do something about it, he is swept away by an old friend. Is love in the air? Christian Duce’s artwork for this issue was wonderful and rich. I hope that he comes back soon. The story sets up a few plot threads to be followed soon so it moves slowly enough. Not much happens of course. It’s a decent read.


Rating: 7/10

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