DC Comics
The Brave and the Bold # 24
By Koppy McFad
June 28, 2009 - 00:38

DC Comics
Writer(s): Matt Wayne
Penciller(s): Howard Porter
Cover Artist(s): Howard Porter
$2.99 US 32 pages


Black Lightning and Static finally cross paths in this story which has the BLOOD SYNDICATE villain Holocaust going after Black Lightning's alter-ego.

The meeting of Black Lightning and Static should have been a more momentous event. The similarities in their background and powers and the differences in their outlook should have made sparks really fly. But this issue makes their first encounter rather rushed, until it becomes just a minor detail in Holocaust's rampage.

There are some details that will confuse the continuity-minded. Black Lightning's other identity appears to be public knowledge and the whole 'President Luthor' thing is a major part of the story even though the rest of DC Comics has been apparently trying to sweep that thing under the carpet for years. Holocaust's attack doesn't seem to be properly motivated and his fight with Black Lightning seems rather stiff. In fact, it largely looks like Black Lightning is just standing there and letting Holocaust pound him. This makes Static look good but at Black Lightning's expense. The resolution involving Black Lightning and Static also comes off too quickly.

The art is certainly competent enough but considering Porter's talents, should have been much better. Like in the story, Static is done well artistically but Black Lightning comes off poorly in comparison.

The story does help in establishing the differences between the powers and the personalities of the two electrically-charged heroes but all things considered, it should have amounted to a lot more.  Maybe DC Comics didn't think the first meeting of these characters was such a big deal after all. But with more effort, they could have made it a big deal.

Rating: 6/10

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