DC Comics
Teen Titans # 78
By Koppy McFad
January 18, 2010 - 00:50

DC Comics
Writer(s): J.T. Krul
Penciller(s): Joe Bennet
Inker(s): Jack Jadson, Ruy Jose
Colourist(s): Rod Reis, Peter Pantazis
Letterer(s): Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist(s): Joe Bennet, Jack Jadson
$3.99 US 32 pages


Deathstroke and his kids, Jericho and the Ravager join forces to fight off their undead friends and relatives in this BLACKEST NIGHT crossover. What complicates the situation is that Deathstroke and family have spent a lot of time killing and hurting each other so their battle rouses both old resentments but also brings to mind lost affections. Even Ravager, who has spent the last few months telling everyone how much she wants to kill Deathstroke, finally admits she does love him in some way.

It is a spirited and violent battle with Deathstroke and his family forced to push themselves to the limit against opponents who know them well and who cannot be killed. Jericho, the mutant son with the power to possess bodies, proves instrumental to the battle as he is revealed to have regained both his sanity and his eyes which are the key to his mutant powers.

While the art captures the desperation of the struggle, it is also a bit murky and dark, making it hard to tell what is going on, especially since many of the characters wear similar costumes. It doesn't help that we can barely recognise who these zombies are. It packs more emotional punch when we can tell that it is Slade's old buddy trying to kill him and not just some run-of-the-mill corpse.

The troubling thing about this issue is that it basically focuses on Deathstroke rather than any of the Teen Titans. It is practically an admission that Deathstroke is the only character from the old 'New Teen Titans' days who still has a healthy following. That is a pretty sad comment on the whole Teen Titans franchise.

Rating: 6.5/10

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