DC Comics
Superman: World of New Krypton #7
By Andy Frisk
September 14, 2009 - 19:47

DC Comics
Writer(s): James Robinson and Greg Rucka
Penciller(s): Pete Woods
Inker(s): Pete Woods
Colourist(s): Nei Ruffino with Pete Pantazis
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Gary Frank with Brad Anderson
$2.99 US

General Zod, briefly released from statis, promotes Kal-El to the rank of General, and leader of the armies of New Krypton. Kal has to dismiss someone he considered a friend, whom Kal has discovered to have been spying on him for General Zod. Commander Gor, who was avidly arguing for all out war with Earth just before Zod promoted Kal, comes under attack, along with his squadron, from Thanagarians while he and his troops oversee the relocation of one of Jupiter's moons from its orbit to New Krypton's orbit in order to create oceans and tides for New Krypton. The attack has potentially catastrophic consequences for the planet...


While the attack on Commander Gor and his Kryptonian soldiers by Thanagarian warriors isn't explained, and answers will most likely be forthcoming shortly, we can assume that, as established back in Superman #688-670, which chronicled the story of a third Kryptonian hiding out on Earth, (nothing big now...there's tons of them), that Kryptonians, when powered by the effects of a yellow sun, were once one of the most feared, potentially destructive, and expansionist races in the universe. Perhaps the Thanagarians are attempting to make a show of force to these New Kryptonians so as to warn them that expansionist Kryptonian actions such as a repeat of Krypton's "Great Inquiry" Era, chronicled in Superman Annual # 14 recently, will not be tollerated. Also, perhaps the Thanagarians have more to worry about than they think as Zod's final words before collapsing and having to go back into stasis were, "..there must be no war with Earth...not yet..." The "not yet" was barely audible, but very troubling... If Earth falls, why would Zod stop there?

Robinson and Rucka are expanding the ideological conflicts as the story of World of New Krypton marches on. First we had the ideological conflict between Kal and Zod. It then expanded to include General Lane, Kal and Zod. Then it included all of New Krypton and Earth, at least in public opinion, fueled by fear mongers from each world. Finally, the conflict looks to expand to include other worlds and races as well, including the Thanagarians, and the Saturnians, led by Jemm, Son of Saturn, a few issues from now. One definately gets the feelings that events and conflicts are going to continue to accelerate and build towards some grand climax.

It's great to see Pete Wood's drawing Superman in his classic suit again, if only for a few scenes. Out of Superman's many, many artists over the decades, Woods draws perhaps the best version of Superman's classic suit. The slightly raised S-symbol (or House of El symbol that looks like an S) and the detailed boots, in particular, lend a rugged feel to the suit without coming off as clunky or overbearing. One of Wood's great strengths is his eye for realistic costume drawings. Everything he draws is excellent, but his costumes really stand out. When you add Ruffino and Pantazis' colors to Wood's art you get one of the best looking mainstream superhero books being published.

Overall, Superman: World of New Krypton, like all the Superman Family of titles right now, continues to deliver great story and art. With Superman: Secret Origin starting soon, Superman fans will have yet another title to look forward to starring their favorite hero. Again, rarely has there been a better time to be a Superman fan, ever.

Rating: 10/10

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