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Star Wars Rebellion Vol. 1 My Brother, My Enemy
By Danger
Jul 18, 2007 - 23:55

Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s): Rob Williams
Penciller(s): Brandon Badeaux and Michel Lacombe
Colourist(s): Wil Glass
Letterer(s): Michael Heisler
Cover Artist(s): Brandon Badeaux, Brad Anderson, and Wil Glass
ISBN: 1-59307-711-4


The story takes place after Star Wars Episode IV. Luke Skywalker is considered a hero among the rebels for his victory over the Deathstar. Luke and his sister Leia are commandeering parts of the rebel fleet and achieving small victories over the Empire. Unfortunately, Han Solo is nowhere to be found.
I found this story pretty good, but only pretty good. Considering it takes place after A New Hope but before The Empire Strikes Back, I was hoping to see Han and Luke kick Imperial ass all over the galaxy. Unadulterated Star Wars goodness. Instead, the story tells about the Empire assuming control of a planet in the Outer Rim called Jabiim. Due to certain events, Luke is reacquainted with a former childhood friend. Only this friend turns out to be a Lieutenant for the Empire nicknamed "Tank". Anyway, after a double double-cross, several plot-twist, and other contrived story-telling devices, I decided that there was too much going on in too few pages. It wasn't very memorable. The characters were alright, I mean Luke will always be Luke; that is a whiny farm boy. There wasn't really anything excited about the other characters, except that Wedge makes an appearance which is awesome.

I didn't really like that art in this book too much. I suppose it was good, but I've seen better. It seems rushed, as if there wasn't a lot of time spent on cleaning things up. In one block I could tell that they just blew up an image because the resolution was off. There were some cool pages filled with space battles and x-wings, but still the drawings didn't look like they were worked enough. I found that there wasn't a good use of dramatic lighting. There were plenty of colors to look at but without proper shading they all got lost on the page. It was hard to find a focal point and without one the atmosphere was ruined. Otherwise the text flowed well with the artwork.

It was still neat to see what the Rebellion was like after the destruction of the Deathstar so I'm giving it a 6.5/10.

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