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Simpsons Comics #141
By Hervé St-Louis
July 11, 2008 - 21:52

Bongo Comics
Writer(s): Ian Boothby
Penciller(s): Phil Ortiz
Inker(s): Mike Decarlo
Colourist(s): Art Villanueva
Letterer(s): Karen Bates
Cover Artist(s): Matt Groening
$2.99 US, $3.99 Canada

This story is focused on Grandpa Simpson and how he feels abandoned by his family. After one too many snubs by other members of his family, Grandpa Simpson becomes Grandpa Flanders where he is loved, listened to and not allowed to go anywhere. The rest of the Simpsons feel the loss of Grandpa and after trying to replace him with Mr. Burns, they decide to try and get him back. But will the Flanders let Grandpa Simpson go without a fight?

This is a funny issue but midway, it seems that we’re reading another story as it doesn’t link up various threads smoothly. While this is often done on the television series, it is not as effective here. The main plot point should have been exposed longer and other subplots, emerging from it should look like they are born out of the main action, as opposed to added later randomly.

I have no complaints about the artwork. Ortiz and DeCarlo respect the standard Simpons’ model sheet quite well and do not stray from it. While other artists will often stretch, squash or round up the characters don’t experiment with the Simpsons’ looks. The storytelling is good, but without any particular touch that would make this comic book a visual treat filled with cues and double entendre, as the cartoon series does so often.

Bongo Comics has not adjusted its Canadian prices on Simpsons Comics yet and charges an extra dollar to Canadians, when their currency is traded at the same price as the American dollar. This is a problem and may lead me to cancel my subscription if Bongo Comics doesn't adjust its prices soon.

Rating: 6/10

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