Marvel Comics
Secret Invasion #6
By Hervé St-Louis
November 12, 2008 - 20:36

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Leinil Francis Yu
Inker(s): Mark Morales
Colourist(s): Irene Lee, Jeanine Schaeffer, Christina Strain
Letterer(s): Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Artist(s): Gabriele Dell’otto
$3.99 US, $4.05 Canada

Now that the heroes are fully aware of the Skrulls’ presence on Earth and how to spot them even when they where their disguises, they go after the main gathering of Skrulls in New York City, lead by Queen Veranke. It’s a total slugfest that ends in a cliffhanger. Who will win this ultimate fight?


That the main point of the Secret Invasion is one big fight in one city, while the rest of the world is being invaded is not a solid plot point.  Are the heroes going to repeat the same fight in all the places where there are Skrulls. If they do, Bendis will continue to reap ridicule over his writing skill and his handling of this series. What will one fight change, when it seems that there are plenty of Skrulls to go around, although they are decimated at every turn? Moreover, how can the heroes continue to win every fight without sustaining any losses? This stretches the suspension of disbelief that he has worked hard to establish in this series and various other comic books.

This issue, Yu uses wide frames to tell the story visually. It’s always a good crutch for artists that are not expert storytellers. It’s hard to do wrong with the cinemascope frame. And that’s his saving grace, because I continue to believe that he’s not an expert storyteller and that all his characters have the same face and expressions.

Rating: 5/10

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