Marvel Comics
Savage Wolverine #1 Review
By Andy Frisk
January 29, 2013 - 21:11

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Frank Cho
Penciller(s): Frank Cho
Inker(s): Frank Cho
Colourist(s): Jason Keith
Letterer(s): VC's Cory Petit
Cover Artist(s): Frank Cho and Jason Keith
$3.99 US

Shanna the She-Devil, or the pale blonde chick who wears nothing but leopard skin bikinis, lives in the Savage Land, and despite the environment, has the skin of a supermodel, is riding around with some SHIELD agents in the aforementioned Savage Land's "Western Territory" on a "Geological Cartography Mission." The team comes across "The Forbidden Island," (not a joke), experiences a major "magnetic shift" and crash lands. A while later, Wolverine, seemingly out of nowhere, arrives in the Savage Land, not far from the wreckage, via a beam of light. The natives freak out, Wolverine kills a Velociraptor, gets speared and gratuitously hugged by Shanna, then gets hailed as her and the rest of the team's savior (all while we're treated to gratuitous shots of Shanna's near naked body).

Borrowing heavily (and freely) from the premise of LOST, and every other Wolverine story ever written, while preying on suffering adolescent males who are looking for some eye candy to help relieve their frustrations, Frank Cho puts together the first issue of a new Wolverine series that just might be the worst first issue of a Wolverine series to be published yet (and there have been some bad ones). Honestly, this would be just about the most boring and worthless comic book published thus far this year if it wasn't for Cho's brilliant artwork...

...and brilliant it is. Cho is easily one of the best sequential artists working in mainstream comics. His work is nearly flawless in every aspect. Attention to detail, anatomy, fight choreography, and excellent ink work all combine to make Savage Wolverine #1 one of the best looking comics published this year (in stark contrast to it's storytelling).

Well...Savage Wolverine will undoubtedly be a huge seller and make Marvel Comics, and its parent company Disney, lots and lots of money...just not off of me.

Rating: 3/10

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