DC Comics
Review: Ruff and Reddy Show #3
By Philip Schweier
December 27, 2017 - 04:17

DC Comics
Writer(s): Howard Chaykin
Artist(s): Mac Rey
Letterer(s): Ken Bruzenak
Cover Artist(s): Howard Chaykin, Will Quintana; Mac Rey

The saga of washed-up comedy has-beens Ruff & Reddy continues, as the two celimate animals claw their way back into the spotlight. Talk show interviews beneath anyone’s dignity, questionable product endorsements, and challenges from latter day imitators brings the two into the orbit of Roy Raymond: TV Detective (look him up).

Veterans of the minefield that is Hollywood, the two manage to manipulate their weaknesses into strengths that fuel their comeback, even at the expense of their competitors. And their first casualty is – well, that would be telling.

It’s a complex story, told by someone who is familiar with the business of show biz. Nothing personal; it’s just business. Howard Chaykin has a record of telling the story his own way, expecting the audience to follow along and demonstrate some level of attention. If you’re a reader who appreciates each story element to be spoon-fed to you in big neon letters, you might wish to look elsewhere.

I may have said this before, but Mac Rey’s artwork is perfect for the material. Clearly identified figures against a vague but identifiable background give the artwork an animated appearance. I’d be curious to see his interpretation of other properties, to see how he would render more traditional comic book fare in a variation of this same style. I hope he sticks around and that DC is able to find him a suitable project when this six-issue series concludes.

Rating: 10/10

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