DC Comics
Review: The Hellblazer #7 (2016)
By Andy Frisk
March 14, 2017 - 22:15

DC Comics
Writer(s): Simon Oliver
Artist(s): Phillip Tan
Colourist(s): Elmer Santos
Letterer(s): Sal Cipriano

Constantine and current companion Mercury travel to Paris to meet with an old (literally) acquaintance whom Constantine hopes will help with their current Djinn problems.


Simon Oliver shifts the action to Paris and the Middle East of the past in "The Smokeless Fire" Part 1. Intrigue and a new cast of characters, all as dubious in nature as Constantine himself, take the stage. Constantine and Mercury's current magical problem, the aforementioned Djinn, don't make an appearance, but their presence is felt and it's a formidable one. Oliver weaves the story expertly in and out of the present and past creating a flowing narrative that creates interest in both Constantine's current actions and just what Constantine and Mercury's acquaintance was up to years ago.

Artist Phillip Tan's slightly hazy looking artwork evokes the necessary visual cues that bring to mind antique times. It also creates a feeling of desert warmth and cold starry skies simultaneously. It's as brilliant as it is beautiful.

The start to a promising new story arc begins in The Hellblazer #7, and its put together well enough to make the reader impatient for the next issue. Great stuff.

Rating: 9.5/10

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