European Comics
Parker & Badger Volume 1 - Duo de choc
By Hervé St-Louis
June 13, 2009 - 12:07

Writer(s): Marc Cuadrado
Penciller(s): Marc Cuadrado
Inker(s): Marc Cuadrado
Colourist(s): Marc Cuadrado
Letterer(s): Marc Cuadrado
Cover Artist(s): Marc Cuadrado
ISBN: 2-8001-3297-3
$16.99 CAN


Parker and Badger
is a humoristic series about 20 something loafer Parker and his pet badger dog. In French, calling someone a badger is an insult and the smart Badger will have none of that. This is a gag strip series with recurring themes of Parker and Badger looking for work; Badger preventing Parker from committing gaffes; and Parker trying to score a date with Clarisse, the girl he likes. In this first volume, we are introduced to the characters and their zany adventures.

This series is suitable for kids and is as fun for adults as it is for younger readers. It really captures the life of the typical 20 year-old with arrested development. Parker is almost an idiot while Badger is the straight man of the comedic duo. In fact Badger reminds me a lot of Brian from Family Guy. However, unlike family guy, the jokes a re clean. The best part of the series is the comedic timing of cartoonist Marc Cuadrado, Algerian-born but a French citizen that has worked extensively in Canada.


Cuadrado will be a familiar name for readers of the Canadian magazine Safarir, French Canada’s own MAD magazine. His timing as noted above is quite good, both visually and story-wise. His work is really a delight and not complicated to follow. Lovers of gag strips will enjoy his work. Other volumes of Parker & Badger have been produced, including the sixth one which takes place in the United States and has more continuity in between the strips, than this current volume. This series is only available in French and might prove difficult to follow, because many of jokes rely on verbal puns.

Rating: 9.5/10

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