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President-elect Obama in Comic Books
By Hervé St-Louis
November 5, 2008 - 12:03

It will be interesting to see if comic book companies will adapt their fictional American president to reflect the presence of the President-elect Barack Obama in their stories. DC Comics usually favours totally fictional presidents or some based within their own continuity, like President Luthor and President Pete Ross, an old friend of Superman.


Just like DC Comics, Marvel Comics has featured real presidents in the pages of its comic books, although they have also used bland presidents in some stories. Recently, such Avengers comic book stories from the early 2000s, some President looking much like the real thing were featured.

President-elect Obama breaks the norm of having a bland Caucasian presidential character in comic books and I can't wait to see how comic books react to that. Although many will claim to not care about political correctness of to cater to ethnic concerns, Obama's election is a paradigm change.


At least one comic book creator, Erik Larsen, will be happy about the election of President-elect Obama. It's clear from his Savage Dragon comic book series, that he supports the new President-elect.

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