Marvel Comics
New X-Men #39
By Zak Edwards
June 17, 2007 - 12:41

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle
Penciller(s): Skottie Young
Inker(s): Skottie Young
Cover Artist(s): Skottie Young

New X-men #39

The action continues in New X-Men #39, with this issue being one big fight scene.  Well, it’s more like three or four big fight scenes with plenty of Skottie Young’s fabulous graffiti inspired art.  The students of the Xavier Institute are in Hell and Hell’s ruler, Belasco, is looking for the dead Illyana Rasputin.  This is a problem because all of the kids know that she’s dead, but they did come in contact with her during the House of M series a couple of years ago.  The series continues to stay intense with no down-time for this team.

Like I mentioned in the review for New X-Men #38, I love the fact that the writers of this underrated series are treating these kids the way they do.  You never know what’s going to happen next.  They will probably win in the end, but there will be a cost, and usually these costs are in body bags.  Fantastic!  The action in this issue is great, but that’s all there is.  The character and plot development seem to have taken a back seat for this issue, but I guess you sometimes need to do that to get the adrenaline pumping.  Many of the characters used right now were merely background characters before, but they are being used to some extent now and it’s exciting to see these kids fight and struggle to survive.  Yost has yet to let us know if they do succeed or fail, but it’s the ride that counts.

Skottie Young continues to show just how wild that ride can be.  His chaotic, animated style works very well with this story in Hell.  He does, however, seem to have a knack for drawing some characters well and others simply looking silly.  For example, Young can draw a mean Dust, some of the panels stick out a bit style-wise, but they are incredible.  Unfortunately, Nehzno just looks like a silly caricature.  I still applaud Young for keeping such a fresh style in mainstream comics.

7.5/10     Action packed, cool art but not consistent.

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