Marvel Comics
All New X-Men #6 Review
By Alexander Jones
January 16, 2013 - 19:30

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Micheal Bendis
Penciller(s): David Marquez
Inker(s): David Marquez
Colourist(s): Marte Gracia
Letterer(s): VC's Cory Petit
Cover Artist(s): Stuart Immonen
$3.99 US

If you asked me what All New X-Men needs I would tell you "to stay as great as it has been lately." My answer would not in anyway be a new artist, a new energy, or a new tone. However that’s what All New X-Men #6 is. In fear of sounding redundant: it’s “new”. So I should hate this issue because its changing something great. However that is far from the case as this is the best issue of this incredible series yet. Every scene has a wonderful character moment, highlights something interesting, or sheds some new light on the X-Men that we have known for upwards of fifty years. While Bendis once again delivers an electric script, David Marquez takes that electricity and zaps the remainder of this issue with an intense energy that really showcases what he is capable of. Case in point: the first scene of the comic feature a dream of Jean's where she sees the horror of the future come crashing down causing her to burst into tears. Of course, because her emotions are going haywire, so are her newly acquired powers, to the point where she can barely control them. It takes a touching scene with Kitty to keep them under control.

Speaking of Kitty the cover to this issue features her on a chair under the literal shadow of Xavier. This cover has such evocative and well placed imagery, that it truly comes bursting to life through one single and distilled image drawn by the former series artist Stuart Immonen. The scenes showcasing the original Cyclops walking into a convenience store and becoming incredibly confused by everything he sees are priceless moments. To take the reader from being on the verge of tears with Jean Grey to bursting out with laughter with Cyclops is the ingredients of a great comic. Then the touching
moment with past and present Angel is so gorgeously written and beautiful, it will leave a smile on even the most cynical comic book reader. The scene with past Cyclops and Wolverine is concluded with more touches of humor with this new softer Wolverine showing some sympathy to Cyclops. Sympathy which Cyclops takes and manipulates to his advantage in a matter of seconds in a hilarious scene.

Then to top off this spectacular issue the audience is treated to the return of Mystique/Raven in a possibly more intimate manner. This story angle is touched on in the cover to next months issue of the title. With Marquez staying on art and Bendis staying on scripting duties for this marvelous comic readers have nothing to worry about anytime soon.

Rating: 10/10