Marvel Comics
New Avengers The Reunion 4 of 4
By Hervé St-Louis
June 10, 2009 - 06:42

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Jim McCann
Penciller(s): David Lopez
Inker(s): Alvaro Lopez
Colourist(s): Daniele Rudoni, Marco Patrucco
Letterer(s): Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist(s): Jo Chen
$3.99 US


Mocking Bird and Ronin have to defuse a dirty bomb while stopping the new AIM chief scientist who wanted to recruit Mocking Bird in her organization. With Ronin under piles of rubble and Mocking Bird having problem to stop the teleporting villainess, time is running out for Zaragoza, Spain. At this pace, our heroes won’t even have to worry about their relationship, if the city is about to be obliterated.

While there was suspense to this series and in a mocking way to show how bad the current Green Arrow and Black Canary at DC Comics is by using straight Marvel Comics ciphers to show how it’s supposed to be done, the ending of the series was a letdown. The relationship between Mocking Bird and former husband Ronin was a source of tension between the two that added an interesting dynamic. But the ending just brushed that side and made everything nice and safe, rather awkwardly. It just didn’t jibe and made everything else weak.

I like Lopez’s work. He draws beautiful women. Without his contribution, this series would not have been so strong. It’s rather unfortunate that the plot was weak this issue, giving him less material to work with. But I really like how he redesigned Mocking Bird. Other artists should use her new costume.

Rating: 7/10

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