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Miss Fury #2 Review
By Andy Frisk
April 28, 2013 - 18:08

Dynamite Entertainment
Writer(s): Rob Williams
Penciller(s): Jack Herbert
Colourist(s): Ivan Nunes
Letterer(s): Simon Bowland
Cover Artist(s): Joe Benitez, Paul Renaud, Billy Tan, Wagner Reis

Managing to bare her derriere in three panels in stead of two this time out, Marla Drake/Miss Fury continues her adventures in both 1943 and 2013 where she furthers her relationship with the battle scarred Captain Chandler, and manages to shoot down fighter jets with a huge rifle. Oh, and she kills the Speaker of The US House of Representatives...since she's told he's a time displaced Nazi spy operating in the present...but is he really?

Series writer Rob Williams continues to build upon the tension and mystery he established last issue, which were shoehorned in around the telling of the also mysterious origin of Miss Fury. Time displaced Nazi agents, as well as a time displaced Miss Fury herself, carry out dubious orders and missions. What exactly the fighter jets that are shooting up Manhattan have to do with anything isn't exactly clear, but they make for one hell of an action sequence.

Speaking of action, Miss Fury seems to get as much action in bed with her lover Captain Chandler as she does on the fighter jet torn streets of Manhattan. It's all pretty tastefully drawn and solidly PG-13 rated, but at this point I'm beginning to wonder if there will be an issue of Miss Fury that doesn't at least once make use of her well endowed chest and tight bottom. Guess something has to be thrown in for the adolescent males who might end up buying this book in droves for its shots of skin...

Miss Fury/Marla Drake is way too interesting a character with way too much potential as a storytelling vehicle to have her stories become bare bum scene counting episodes. This character is loaded with plenty of feminist theme potential (that doesn't have to be caustic). Miss Fury is one of the few liberated women of her fictional generation and one of the few female Golden Age superheroes. I for one would rather see more smart storytelling focusing on these aspects of the character instead of upon her bare ass, or at least as much (pardon my crudeness...but I'm working up a little fury of my own over this). As appealing to the eyes as a well shaped female rear end is, it shouldn't be a female character's defining characteristic, and it is quickly becoming Miss Fury's.

I'll stick with this book just to see if it gets better since I like the character so much, but it has to improve...and fast.

Rating: 6/10

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