DC Comics
Review: Martian Manhunter Marvin the Martian
By Philip Schweier
July 13, 2017 - 14:30

DC Comics
Writer(s): Steve Orlando, Frank J. Barbiere; Jim Fanning
Artist(s): John Loter
Penciller(s): Aaron Lopresti
Inker(s): Jerome Moore
Colourist(s): Hi-Fi
Letterer(s): Carlos Mangual; Saida Temofonte
Cover Artist(s): Aaron Lopresti; Stephen deStafano

Marvin is out to save J’onn, whether he likes it or not. Unlike other DC/Looney Tunes one-shots of recent days, this is not a team-up. In this story, Marvin sends a signal out to the Multi-verse, which is intercepted by J’onn. Believing himself to be the last Martian, he acts upon it, creating an Erdel gate to bring Marvin to Earth. But when the miniature Martian learns where he is, nothing less than the complete destruction of the planet will satisfy him. Won’t that be lovely?

But to it’s credit, the story is much more than the meeting of two characters; it’s also a commentary on personal growth. There’s also a wee bit of anti-prejudice thrown in, though it seems a bit too heavy handed for my tastes. In this story, it seems as if everybody hates everybody else. Can’t we all just get along?

The artwork from Lopresti and Moore is very good, with crisp, clean lines that I appreciate. There is ample texture, enabling Marvin to exist as much more than a cartoon. A few peripheral characters, not so much. But there was a welcome cameo from a Looney Tunes character I’ve seen in only one cartoon. I’d always wished they’d done more with her.

Of the five DC/Looney Tunes team-ups I’ve read, this is perchance the weakest, though the pairing makes total sense. Perhaps Green Lantern would have been a better choice, though the Martian Manhunter gets the spotlight so seldom these days, I don’t mind so much.

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