DC Comics
Review: Man of Steel #6
By Philip Schweier
July 4, 2018 - 15:27

DC Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Artist(s): Jay Fabok
Colourist(s): Alex Sinclair
Letterer(s): Josh Reed
Cover Artist(s): Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair

The conclusion of Man of Steel is almost as significant as its 1986 predecessor, when another long-time Marvel staffer took over the Superman titles. Back then, John Byrne’s retelling of Superman’s origin re-set the character for a generation. Now, Brian Michael Bendis reduces much of the baggage that has accumulated over the years.

For starters, Rogol Zaar destroyed Kandor, making Superman the Last Son of Krypton once more. In pursuit of the truth, Supergirl has left Earth, to determine Rogol Zaar’s motives, and to learn if he is in fact responsible for Krypton’s destruction. This is, of course, after Kara presents the solution to Rogol Zaar’s rampage. It seemed obvious to me, but at the same time represents a deus ex machine.

Some might regard it the easy way out, but ever since watching Michael Keaton and Michael Gough defeat Danny DeVito by remote control, I’ve wondered why super-heroes don’t use expedient solutions more often (cuz then there wouldn’t be a tale to tell, that’s why).

Throughout the series, there has been a sub-plot in which Jor-El (or the person claiming to be…) returns, intending to take young Jon Kent away. Jor-El believes only he can provide the boy with the proper education regarding his Kryptonian heritage. Jon is determined to go, and the only solution is for Lois to accompany him.

I applaud Bendis paring down the current Superman lore without making controversial and irrevocable decisions (irrevocable being a rather fluid concept in the world of comic books). Taking Lois off the stage may have been a tough sell, but ultimately, I suspect it will be worth it. The era of “Lois & Clark” has been put on hold indefinitely, allowing a return to Superman – which is what we read the comics for, is it not?

Rating: 9/10

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