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Magdalena Daredevil
By Hervé St-Louis
July 6, 2008 - 08:25

Top Cow Productions
Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Phil Hester
Penciller(s): Phil Hester
Inker(s): Ande Parks
Colourist(s): Blond
Letterer(s): Troy Peteri
Cover Artist(s): Phil Hester, Stjepan Sejic
$3.99 US, Canada

Magdalena pairs up with Daredevil to stop a rogue demon that had been held by monks for centuries. The demon plans on exacting his vengeance on the descendants of the monks and it’s up to the religious pair of super heroes to stop him. But can they do so in time without losing the souls of the children captured by the demon?

This one shot book was a quick read and the type of stories comic book readers had years ago. Everything wraps up within 22 pages. The heroes meet, confuse each other for villains, show the other their skills, track the villain, fight him and manage a quick rescue. Although one would have expected more parallels to be drawn between these two religious characters, none were. The only spectacle here is that they both play on religious imagery and that’s it. Not being familiar with Magdalena at all, I would not be interested in reading more about this Christian-themed heroine. The folks at Viper Comics who gave us Dead @17 gave us a better rendition of a Christian-themed heroine than Hester.

Of course, the visuals are tight and well executed. It good to see that the art of inking a comic book is still valued and used profoundly by some artists, like Parks. Marvel Comics’ contribution to this book is minimal. They just lent Daredevil. That’s too bad. More interaction between the characters’ various universes would have been cool.

Rating: 6/10

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