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Little Nemo in Slumberland Restored
By The Editor
December 29, 2014 - 17:59

In January 2015, Kellustration will be releasing the first of it’s new ‘MASTERS SERIES’ prints featuring high quality restorations of some of the most important comic art in history.

“We don’t want to throw around another series of ‘scan and publish’ reprints of old material like a lot of publishers do. We want the world to see what these beautiful illustrations really look like.” says Michael Kelleher, president and head illustrator at Kellustration, one of the world’s largest digital comic art restoration companies. “I love how comic fans have embraced collected editions, but I feel that a lot of the collections are lacking when it comes to representing the artwork.”

The Masters Series is a collection of 18 x 24 inch, full color prints reprinting the work of the world’s greatest comic illustrators.

Each image is painstakingly restored using the original art and tear-sheets.

Kelleher explains “We put in upwards of 80 man hours per illustration to ensure that these images receive the respect that they deserve. We will be showing art fans the details and line quality that they’ve most likely never seen. And unlike the wonderful ‘original art’ collections that are popular today, these prints present the line art in the way it was intended to be viewed... clean, complete and in color.”

“Printing technology was primitive one-hundred-plus years ago when these comic strips were originally published.” Kelleher aded, “When you look at reprints today that are literally just scans of the original printed Sunday comic strips, you are seeing a horrifyingly low quality version of that art. We want remedy that.”

Each print is 2-sided with the full restored image on one side, reproduced at original print size, and a reduced sized scan of the original art and tear sheet on the back.

High quality offset on an off-white stock, the prints are suitable for framing or display in a standard 18 x 24 inch portfolio.

The current release schedule will bring two new prints every two months. The focus of the first few releases will be on Winsor McCay’s ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’, then Kelleher hopes to expand to other artists and properties. “We are already in talks with licensors about restoring the work of some incredible artists and characters.”

The first two prints will be released on January 27, 2015. A special ‘pre-sale’ price will be available if you order your copies before January 20, 2015. “If you pre-order, you’ll get both prints for $25 plus shipping. That’s $12.50 per print, compared to retail price of $20 each after the release. We’ll also be offering quantity discounts for retailers looking to buy 5 copies or more.”

You can visit for ordering information and get a more detailed look at this important new series of art restorations.

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