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Joe Carnahan's Daredevil that may never be
By Dan Horn
August 15, 2012 - 12:07

There was quite a bit of speculation being ground up in the rumor mill over FOX's Daredevil and Fantastic Four license's. I'll spare you the details, since none of it turned out to be true. According to director Joe Carnahan, FOX has gone cold on his pitch for a Daredevil reboot, which means the film license to the character will most likely revert back to Marvel Studios. Perhaps Marvel will revive Carnahan's vision for the blind lawyer/red-clad vigilante, but until that happens all we have are Joe's sizzle reels, trailers spliced from films like Taxi Driver and the first Daredevil tentpole and from comic book panels, which he released via YouTube once he had reached 6000 Twitter followers. The reels elucidate a 70's exploitation vibe that Carnahan intended to infuse his DD reboot with. It seems like a pretty incredible idea. Check out the trailers below (the first is dubbed the "NC-17" version, because of some moderate violence, and the second has been dubbed the "PG-13" version and is more family friendly):

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