DC Comics
JSA All-Stars # 6
By Koppy McFad
May 9, 2010 - 03:05

DC Comics
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Penciller(s): Freddie Williams II
Colourist(s): Richard and Tanya Hopie
Letterer(s): Pat Brosseau
Cover Artist(s): Freddie Williams II
$3.99 US 40 [ages


The All-Stars finally confront Johnny Sorrow directly and learn the reason why he has been going after Stargirl. But in the meantime, they also have to beat the monsterous King of Tears, a feat that only the Spectre used to pull off.

The story resolves all the main points quite satisfactorily. The mystery of Sorrow's infatuation with Stargirl, the defeat of Sorrow and the destruction of the King of Tears, are all carried out in short and heroic order. The unusual art style actually works in the strange setting that the heroes are operating in. And there are enough twists and dramatic turns in the story to keep things interesting.

But while the main points are done well, there are little details that keep the story from running smoothly. The mystery behind the new character, Miss Fortune, is ignored as all the heroes seem eager to accept her, despite her bungling almost getting them killed. Too many of the characters barely do anything except fight in the background. Speaking of fighting, the King of Tears is reduced to just a gigantic monster and not the metaphysical threat he was supposed to be.

The back-up feature, with Hourman and Liberty Belle teaming up with villains Icicle and Huntress searching for an ancient artifact, is getting worse and worse. It is like they are trying to make it boring with the poor pacing and non-stop, insipid dialogue. Maybe DC Comics thought this story would be a clever action comedy. It is just a dull story without excitement, conflict or drama.

Rating: 6/10

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