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Identity Stunt #1
By Judah Churchill
March 31, 2018 - 09:59

Markosia Enterprises
Writer(s): Joe R. Khachadourian
Artist(s): J. Briscoe Allison, Ruairí Coleman
Colourist(s): Juancho Velez, Tim Brown
Letterer(s): A.J. Scherkenbach

Identity Stunt #1 written by Joe Khachadourian with art by Ruairi Coleman is an introductory issue that gives us some backstory on our characters as well as setting up a nice cliff hanger to get us motivated to continue reading. The protagonist Sami “Sam” Nasser is a stunt man who is accused of being a masked vigilante by antagonist- Dominus Smith. We’re not sure if Sam is Beatdown the vigilante who often beats up Dominus, but the implication is this is a case of mistaken secret identity.

The confusion is purposeful, superheroes and stuntmen’s lives are intertwined with duality and multiple personalities. Finishing the story I was open to the possibility that Sam was Beatdown but upon visiting the website for Identity Stunt I was led to believe that Dominus is mistaken. Dominus is the weak point of the story. He is not imposing, gets beat up a lot and is not well conceived visually. Also the story opens with Dominus boring us with an uninspired monologue.

Overall, Identity Stunt suffers from being overwritten and lacks a clear sense of visual storytelling. The art is professional but the artist is mostly adding illustrations to the text. Some nice color choices add mystery to the story. Being the first issue it’s expected that there will be some searching for what direction the comic will take but there is maybe too much blending of super hero story with modern day rom com.

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