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Homer Simpson Votes In 2008 American Presidential Election
By Hervé St-Louis
October 30, 2008 - 23:55

The Simpsons’ join the 2008 Presidential election in the United States in the 20th Simpsons’ Halloween Special, an annual event where three short stories featuring weird outcomes and plot about the Simpsons universe are created.  Part on one of the segment to be released on Sunday November 2, 2008 has been leaked to the Internet and was available for a limited time on Youtube until Fox Corporation asked the site to remove the copyrights infringing material.


In the segment, Homer Simpson, using a voting machine reveals that he votes for Senator Obama, but the computer only allows him to vote for Senator McCain. Every time Homer Simpson clicks the Obama option, another vote is given to McCain. The sketch reflects the cynicism of many Americans towards the transparent and unrigged elections in the United States. Some have even said that the Fox media companies, by allowing this episode to air, acted ironically since they are often accused of supporting Republican candidates.


Because the story is part of the Simpsons’ Halloween special, it is considered an apocryphal story and is thus not in current continuity or tied solidly to a particular date, even if electoral banners show the election as clearly being in 2008. Anyway, if the Simpsons really aged, how could we ever hope to have Ralph Wiggum as President?


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