DC Comics
Green Arrow and Black Canary # 7
By Andy Doan
May 23, 2008 - 06:20

DC Comics
Writer(s): Judd Winick
Penciller(s): Mike Norton
Inker(s): Wayne Faucher
Colourist(s): David Baron
Letterer(s): Jared k. Flecher
Cover Artist(s): Cliff Chiang
ISBN: 6194126263
US/CAN $2.99, 22 pages

Green Arrow and Black Canary # 7
Connor Hawk disappeared from his hospital bed in the middle of Green Arrow and Black Canary's "real" wedding. The only lead they have takes them across the pond to the UK in search of the owner of a UFO. After a little brawl with an English thief they are finally on the right track. It turns out that the person responsible for Connor's life threatening injury and disappearance might be the master of the League of Assassins, Ra's Al Ghul.

Ollie was on the verge of loosing his mind after Connor was shot. He was having a nervous break down in front of the entire JLA. Now that his son is brain dead and been kidnapped Green Arrow seems quite composed. Stopping to take the time to joke around with his good buddy Hal Jordan, and arranging some kinky torture to a few captured suspects. Going into this issue after 5 and 6 is a little confusing from a character stand point.

Speaking of his little meeting with Green Lantern, I'm starting to think that the leader of Team Arrow has the entire A-list of the JLA on speed dial lately.  I'm not surprised that he should be able to call in high level favors from the biggest names, it's just that Ollie is such a driven independent guy. If calling for help is so easy for him now why doesn't he have the whole JLA combing the earth for his missing son?

There's one more major complaint about this issue. Everyone is a smart ass! After reading last months premier of the Titans it seems that Winick thinks everyone in the world is a annoying smart ass. Every single character in this book cracks wise at least once. Is this a comedy book all-of-a-sudden? Even if it was going that way I would suggest a little bit of diversity in the characters. By the end it seems like they are all speaking through the same voice.

I'm constantly struggling with the art in this book. I know what they're going for but is it stylish enough to work? The one thing it seems to master consistently is it's inconsistency. Simplicity is the key here but I'm not sure if I'm able to tell the if we're looking at cutting edge art or a bit of slack. On the other hand the cover work is awesome as it has been for this entire series. I'm thinking that the heavy stroke style works better in lower quantities.

Again we're seeing a DC book with tonnes of promise missing the mark slightly in the application. I want to like Green Arrow. The Year One series was solid and it left me wanting to follow the character more closely. At this point I'm thinking that I'll have to dig into a few older trade paperbacks to see the real thing in action again. I'm still willing to stick this title out for a few more issues. I want the Connor Hawk arch to come to a satisfactory completion. I can't recommend this issue as a good starting point for anyone. If you're interested in following Green Arrow just sit tight and hope that the creative team gets the kick in the ass that they desperately need.

Rating: 6 - Fair/10

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