Marvel Legends
Gamerverse Stealth Captain America
By Hervé St-Louis
July 2, 2021 - 09:13

Studios: Hasbro
$19.99 USD

The Gameverse Stealth Captain America is a character in the 2020 Marvel Gamerverse game whose origin is an amalgam of the comics and the Marvel cinematic universe. Steve Rogers dons his stealth suit to perform secret missions that leave him undetected from others.

The Gamerverse Stealth Captain America is a repaint of the recently released Gamerverse Captain America with darker colours and a new extra head. That’s it. However, this toy is a perfect military action figure with an original generic looking head. That’s why you buy this toy. Nothing else. You buy it so you can customize it. I’m thinking that this is a great base for a G.I. Joe Classified Low Light.


The Stealth Captain America is a reissue of the Gamerverse Captain America and is modeled after the video game. He is a virtual clone of the character from the game, although one could argue that the face is not exactly the same. Many will complain that the generic guy face given to Captain America is not Steve Rogers. Well, it is. It is a different universe. This is the Steve Rogers of Earth-TRN814. It is not Chris Evans nor the Marvel 616 Steve Rogers.


The main problem with this action figure is the tiny head sculpt that adorns the figure. It is too small for the built. The Steve Rogers face is much better and looks like a generic person, making it desirable for a custom action figure. Another problem is the shape of the forearms and the hands that seem to taper off and thus look out of proportion with the body.

What I enjoy are the military and gear details on the character. As many have said, this action figure is great fodder for a urban /swat like officer or a military figures such as G.I Joe. The level of details is great. However, some of those details have problems. For example, the pockets on the thighs cut at the curl articulation. The upper and lower parts of the pockets do not fit one another even when rotating the thighs. The knees are separate knee pads glued on. That’s a nice detail.



The paint application on the Captain America face is atrocious. It spills and is a thick skin tone that is not realistic. The paint on the mouth area is painted digitally with 3D face painting. Instead of giving the character nice lips, it gives him freckles. The paint application of the figure is dull and with many spills.
The silver paint needs a few more coatings to fully cover the plastic beneath. Areas with grey paint on the base dark black plastic are do not cover the plastic enough. The silver paint on the belt and the knee pads feels as if it would rub off. The paint on the tip of the fingers looks bad with thick layers without any detailing.



The Stealth Gamerverse Captain America is one of the tallest but does not appear to be so. He is slightly shorter than the First Avenger Captain America but still looks great next to other Marvel Legends and even G.I. Joe Classified because his military outfit is tight and detailed.


This figure is not able to balance well because of loose ankle articulations. He falls constantly. The default ratchet for the bending ankles cannot support the weight of the figure’s torso and thus it keeps falling. You may want to use an action figure stand for this figure or add some floor polish to the joints to solidify them.



The Captain’s head sits on a ball joint that gives his head a lot of flexibility. His shoulders are stiff and because of the shoulder pads, cannot move up all the way. His bicep curls are hidden at the fake shoulder pad strip. He has double elbows and wrist curls. The wrists can bend up and down. He has an abdominal crunch and can twist at the waist.

His hips articulations are tight and feel like they may break. However, he can do the split at about 45 degrees. He has double knee articulations and shin curls. The ankles as I mentioned are weak, but they can also pivot.



The torso is made of ABS plastic while the limbs are in PVC.


The Stealth Captain America comes with an extra head and a shield. There are many Captain America shields out there. Toybiz and Hasbro have produced many over the years. The mould used, is obviously reused from the Gamerverse Captain America. It feels like PVC but has a hinge system inside allowing it to peg to the back of the figure and when folded in to release an arm hook that can attach to his arms. However, the hook feels fragile and like it could break. Because of the tapered shape of the forearms, the hook does not sit snugly on. The shield is bright but not the classic Captain America design.

Captain America comes with an extra set of hands. By default, there is a fist on the right hand, and a gun holding hand, even though there are no guns in this set. The build a figure left arm of Joe Fixit is included in the package.



This is the usual Marvel Legends box with a white, black and blue look. There is artwork inspired by the Marvel Gamerverse character designs. On the back of the box, there is a cool shot of Captain America from the game in his stealth suit as well as pictures of the other action figures in this set that make up the Joe Fixit build a figure.


This figure originally retailed for $19.99 USD. Because it is not popular, you may find this one and its original variant for less than the suggested price. Wait a few months and this peg warmer may be even cheap.



There are a lot of this action figure around. Most collectors are probably more interested in the build a figure than the character. There are no shortages of Captain America action figures. This one is from a failed game in a crowded market of Captain America. The generic guy look of this toy is not popular with collector. Yet, the saving grace of this toy is its good build and sculpt that is idea for generic troop builders or customized G.I. Joe characters. I can see this guy being a Low Light or if heavily modified a good base for either Grand Slam, Flash, or Sci-Fi.

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