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G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Island Roadblock
By Hervé St-Louis
March 18, 2021 - 15:30

Artist(s): Ken Lashey

Roadblock, the G.I. Joe team’s heavy gunner comes back for a second exclusive action figure sold at Toys R Us in Canada and Target in the United States. I reviewed the first wave Roadblock back in July so I will forgo my usual historical survey of the character and focus instead on a few issues.

The Cobra Island series from the G.I. Joe Classified 1:12 action figure line from Hasbro has been a nightmare for many collectors who could not find them at stores. The easiest of them all to find is the one Roadblock action figure. It is not a bad toy at all. In fact, it is pretty groovy. However, it is a second wave variant to the first wave that had just appeared. It is also a variant based on the least popular character of the line, or the titular peg warmer. Getting Cobra Island exclusives in Canada has been very difficult. I barely obtained Roadblock and am still surprised that Toys R Us did not cancel my order as they have with all other G.I. Joe Classified purchased, I managed to do in the same period.

Some people have begun using the Cobra Island Roadblock as a stand in for his famous cousin, Heavy Duty who is also a heavy machine gunner for G.I. Joe. In some branding fluke, in 1991, a new action figure featuring a tough as nail gigantic black dude came up as a new action figure. When Hasbro seemingly lost the trademark to Roadblock in the early 2000s, the name Heavy Duty was used as a replacement. Since, in many continuities, because of their strong resemblance, Roadblock and Heavy Duty have been made cousins, often on opposite ends of conflicts (while both being members of G.I. Joe) who share similar characteristics.

Whereas Roadblock is a gourmet cook, Heavy Duty is a trained classical musician. Both are heavy machine gunners, but Roadblock used more standard weapons than the futuristic one used by Heavy Duty. The Cobra Island Roadblock action figure is part of an invading force, along with Beachhead who storm the infamous Cobra territory facing off against Cobra Troopers, the Baroness, Cobra Vipers, and Cobra saboteur, Firefly.

Roadblock’s look here is unique. He sports a black and white camouflage wifebeater with a G.I. Joe logo. He wears a bandana and sunglasses. This corresponds with no prior depictions of Roadblock in comics, cartoons, games, and movies, prior the Classified line. I think that this action figure would have been more popular, even with the bandana and the sunglasses if were sporting his classic green camouflage wifebeater shirt. Roadblock also has a full beard which he never had before. The basic head is the same used for the previous Roadblock action figure. That’s why using this action figure as a stand in for Heavy Duty is a good alternative.


The sculpt is the same one as the Classified Roadblock except for the new beard and the bandana. He wears a removable forearm shield on his right forearm. Without the vest, it is easier to see the quality of the sculpt that was hidden in the first Roadblock. The body, of course was also reused to build the Gung Ho action figure. His feet are too small for his stature.

The camouflage pattern on the black shirt is not well-painted. It feels like the grey paint can chip off. There are scratches on the grey and white parts revealing the black base. The sunglasses have a great orange and dark aqua transparent shade. The lion’s tattoo on his left shoulder is detailed. The term “broiler” is printed on his machine gun.


Roadblock is on the larger scale of G.I. Joe Classified action figures. He appears shorter than the firs version of Roadblock but technically, he is the same size. He still towers over all other G.I. Joe Classified action figures except for Gung Ho. This is how Roadblock is supposed to be.

Surprisingly, Roadblock is very stable, even when carrying his weapon.


Roadblock has the standard G.I. Joe Classified articulations at the neck, the head, the shoulders, butterfly shoulders. His neck articulation cannot move as freely as that of other G.I. Joe action figures. The butterflies are not very movable which defeats the point. Roadblock has bicep curls, double elbows, and wrists curls. His wrists can move up or down. His abdominal crunch is a bit loose but better that than the immovable vest on the regular version. His waist is on a ball joint that allows him to pivot as well as turn left or right. Hasbro has introduced a new hip joint that allows all characters to do a Van Damme. He can do the split. He has thigh curls and double knee articulations. His calves can twist too. His ankles can pivot as well as go up and down.


The plastic is heavy and solid. The good thing about this action figure is that the base brown plastic used for Roadblock’s skin is only used for his skin. His wrists and gloves are painted but the bolts in the double elbow articulations are the same brown base colour. The situation is the same for the pants.

This action figure is seriously lacking in props. His only props are the machine gun that is the same as the first Roadblock and a pair of sunglasses. The machine gun is not great because of the two pincers on top of the barrel that make the gun look like a laser gun. That does not work for Roadblock. A stand for the machine gun would have helped. Some straps, a pistol or a knife would have worked well for this action figure.


The box is the standard G.I. Joe Classified box except with the Cobra Island on the back of the action figure.

The good thing with Toys R Us and Target is that they sell these toys for the real price. It is the secondary market on auction sites that is difficult. Buyers beware.

This action figure is an exclusive toy at Target stores in the United States and at Toys R Us in Canada. Distribution is difficult but the Cobra Island Roadblock is the least popular of all of that series and thus the one that I could find without having my order cancelled. All other G.I Joe Classified action figures that I have ordered from Toy R Us have been cancelled.

If you cannot find this action figure, you will have to purchase it from the secondary market. I do not recommend supporting action figure scalpers who bet money on toys and increase their prices top force real collectors from obtaining them. It is unclear if Hasbro will release more of the Cobra Island Roadblock action figure.

Rating: 8.5/10

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