DC Comics
Flash #34
By Hervé St-Louis
June 3, 2018 - 15:50

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joshua Williamson, Michael Moreci
Artist(s): Pop Mhan
Colourist(s): Ivan Plascencia
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Neil Googe, Ivan Plascencia; Mike McKone, Romulo Fajardo Jr.


An old super fast flame of Barry Allen is back and this time perhaps they can rekindle their love for one another. Even KidFlash approves. But is there more to Meena than meets the eyes?

Barry Allen has always been a mess romantically-wise. I remember when he had a crush on Zatanna. He seems to simply fall in love and assume whoever he meets will be the true love of his life and soulmate. I would not like to be Iris West! Meena could be this person but it’s all a ploy of course. Silly Barry Allen. Yeah, Barry Allen is a joke when it comes to love but I’m not sure if that’s what writer Joshua Williamson intended when he penned this script.


Pop Mhan is competent, but I dislike his Barry Allen. Too many artists are assigned to these series and the art becomes inconsistent. I understand that the two-week production schedule means that no single artist can keep up with producing a series, but it should not feel like every second issue is a B-issue and not as important because a filler artist was hired. How about assigning artists to complete storyarcs so that solid artists like Mhan don’t feel like B creators when they are not. I just don’t like his Barry Allen, but the rest of his work is fine.

Rating: 7/10

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