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Comic Con: Mike Carey
By Dan Horn
July 13, 2012 - 02:41

At an intimate Comic Con panel, Mike Carey was awarded with the Comic Con Ink Pot for excellence in storytelling. Afterwards, Vertigo editor Shelly Bond asked questions spanning Carey's career in comics and prose, from his work as a reviewer at independent comics magazines to his newest book The Steel Seraglio, co-written by wife Linda and daughter Louise. If you've read my extensive interviews with Mike over the past few years, you didn't miss much information, but being around the ever-amiable Mike Carey sort of makes everything a bit sunnier, even in San Diego.

With the retrospective over, and directly preceding some comic book trivia, Mike outlined his future plans. He hinted at the strong possibility of a live-action television series based on his young adult comic miniseries My Faith in Frankie.

He's also written a short horror story for an upcoming Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner anthology, An Apple for Teacher.

Mike is currently hard at work on the sixth Felix Castor novel, of which he speaks at length on our podcast, and has recently outed himself as the conspiracy novelist Adam Blake.

Of course, Mike and Peter Gross are always working on their acclaimed Vertigo comic series, The Unwritten, as well, and Mike says that they're working toward something cataclysmic with June, 2013's issue #50.

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