Looking for a Comic about Two Speedsters
By Hervé St-Louis
Jan 22, 2016 - 10:46

I’m looking for an independent comic book series published in the mid-1990s about two 1940s era Golden Age speedsters who worked for their government. I only got two issues of this series and I do not believe a third issue was ever published. I lost the comics when a flood destroyed my collection a few years ago.

Why do I seek this comic? Well, it was fun. The two characters were obvious stand in for the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) and Johnny Quick (Johnny Chamber). But there was a lot of rivalry between the two speedsters. The Jay Garrick clone could run fast but was also the more gregarious of the two. Although his powers were more limited, he was chosen as the public face of the government organization and their war effort.

The Johnny Quick clone was fast but could also fly. While the Garrick clone had brown hair, the Johnny Quick was blond and was very brash. But an accident during his first mission scarred his face and he had to work in the background while the Jay Garrick clone was the public face of the war effort. The Johnny Quick clone really resented this.

The artwork was also very distinctive. It was cartoon-like and resembled a more angular version of the late Mike Parobeck. The series was in black and white and very strong visually. If you know what was the name of this comic book series published around 1995-1996, please let me know. I would like to reconnect with this series. It was definitely distributed through the direct market by the many large comic book distributors at the time.

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