DC Comics
Review: Cave Carson #9
By Philip Schweier
June 21, 2017 - 04:35

DC Comics
Writer(s): Gerard Way and Jon Rivera
Artist(s): Michael Avon Oeming
Colourist(s): Nick Filardi
Letterer(s): Clem Robins
Cover Artist(s): Michael Avon Oeming and Nick Filardi; Yannick Paquette

No, it’s not over yet, though perhaps soon. Cave and the gang continue their trip through multiple realities and time periods, in pursuit of the Mighty Mole II and the EBX thugs piloting it. In the heat of battle, losses are felt on both sides, and each is eager to make the other pay.

This is a story what would have worked much better in a graphic novel form – all chapters read in one sitting, in some sort of cohesive story. Being doled out in monthly dribs and drabs has made it one confusing narrative that suggests even the writers don’t realize how bad it is.

Okay, that may have been harsh. Maybe I’m unsophisticated. Maybe my attention span isn’t what it should be. But we’re talking comic books here, folks. If you want people in for the long haul, you gotta give them more than this. You can’t string them along issue after issue with promises of, “Just wait for the pay-off. It will be worth it.”

So far, it hasn’t been worth it. Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye has been a miserable experience for me, one I hope never to repeat. If were not my job, I would not read it.

Rating 1/10

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