DC Comics
Catwoman Tweety & Silvester #1
By Hervé St-Louis
August 30, 2018 - 06:52

DC Comics
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artist(s): Inaki Miranda
Colourist(s): Eva de la Cruz
Letterer(s): Taylor Esposito
Cover Artist(s): Emnuela Lapacchino, Tomeu Morey; Sandy Jarrell
Rating: T (Teen)


A covenant of witches led by Hazel the Witch throws a spell at all birds and cats in the world. If Sylvester the cat eats Tweety before dawn, all bird life and their avatars will disappear. If Sylvester fails to eat Tweety, then all cats and their avatar will disappear. It’s up to Catwoman and Black Canary to shore up their team and defeat the other one. Many DC Comics characters with cat or bird themes make appearances and fight the good fight that crosses the villain-hero line. Who will prevail?

This story was fun but it should have also added Black Canary to the top bill. Her presence is as important and relevant as Catwoman’s to the story. But of course, DC Comics thinks that banking of Catwoman is the surest bet. Nevertheless, Gail Simone wrote one hell of a story which nerds will have difficulty placing anywhere definite. It includes bits of Post-Crisis Birds of Prey, the New 52, and Rebirth. It doesn’t matter.


The point of the story is to have fun with the Looney Tunes characters while exploring the deepest reaches of the DC Comics’ universe. Simone succeeded in creating a classic with two DC characters whose interaction with their Looney Tunes counterparts is perfect. It’s amazing how Sylvester complements Catwoman and how Tweety is really a junior and talkative version of Black Canary!

This comic is full of Easter eggs that will delight fans of comics in general. There is one teenage witch in there whose presence was fun to see. The only one missing to the party was Kiki from the Miyazaki film! The scenario of the second tale is as fun and closer to the world of the Looney Tunes. It’s Catwoman, the cat burglar teaming up with Sylvester to steal Granny’s jewelry. Tweety and Black Canary have to foil the heist and avoid getting eaten by the cats!

The artwork in both tales was fun. I did prefer the cartoony rendition because it was less constrained by logic. It was filled with cartoon chaos! I’m not a fan of the dark shade the colourist puts in Black Canary’s face to suggest a mask. It looks weird at best and is a distraction. The fight between Catwoman and Black Canary is fun and the comedic timing of Sylvester and Tweety just right.

Rating: 8/10

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