Marvel Comics
Cable and X-Force #1
By Troy-Jeffrey Allen
March 9, 2013 - 07:35

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dennis Hopeless
Penciller(s): Salvador Larroca

This Marvel Now-thing continues to benefit a lot of dust bin characters. Case in point: Cable and X-Force #1 rocks a roster comprised of 80s-peaking characters being assembled by leftovers from the 1990s.

Cable and X-Force features Colossus, Domino, Dr. Nemesis (a newer leftover), Forge, and, of course, Cable as they form not-so reluctant bonds or ignite accidental reunions. Eventually a team-up will be involved and Cable’s foreshadow-y, telekinetic, mind-quakes will be the cause of said team-up.
Writer Dennis Hopeless goes for two this week and manages to score on both titles. His Avengers Arena wasted no time explaining itself and Hopeless proves here that he has a knack for snappy and deliberate dialogue.

Oh...and Larroca is one of the best artist in comics today, so it’s very slick and pretty to boot.

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