DC Comics
Black Canary #1
By Hervé St-Louis
Aug 19, 2015 - 20:23

DC Comics
Writer(s): Brenden Fletcher
Penciller(s): Annie Wu
Inker(s): Annie Wu
Colourist(s): Lee Loughidge
Letterer(s): Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Annie Wu, Tula Lotay

Dinah Drake is the new signer for the Black Canary band. However, every time she performs, she fights someone or something. Dinah’s predilection for hand to hand combat is disrupting the efforts of her band to play their gigs across the United States. Why is she so mysterious and what are those alien creatures chasing Ditto, the youngest member of the band?

I know, my review of the first issue is late. I’m a Black Canary fan from a long time ago. I remember the failed Sarah Byam series from 1993. I’m hoping that this incarnation of Black Canary will not face a similar fate since it resembles it so much in a way. Dinah is ugly. She has a sneering face that I cannot stand. Gone is the blonde bombshell of old. But the Goth clothing resembles the ugly butch Black Canary introduced by Byam and Trevor von Eden. The wackiness of the story reminds me of Terry Moore’s short run on Birds of Prey.

Yet, the story is fun and easy to get into. In fact, this story is way too easy to grasp! The first episode is broken in to a short package that readers will be able to grasp but at the same time, not enough is given for them to make up their minds. I don’t care about continuity, but this series seems to follow what has happened with Dinah since the New 52.

About the visuals. Well, I like the logo a lot. It’s original. I get that DC Comics is trying to market this comic to a female audience. I just don’t like how Annie Wu draws Black Canary’s face. It seems angry and she looks like a cheap trailer trash girl on drugs. This is not how I imagine Black Canary. She is not sexy.

Rating: 8/10

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