DC Comics
Review: Batwoman #13
By Philip Schweier
March 21, 2018 - 04:55

DC Comics
Writer(s): Marguerite Bennett
Artist(s): Fernando Blanco
Colourist(s): John Rauch
Letterer(s): Deron Bennett
Cover Artist(s): Dan Panosian; Lee Barmejo

Batwoman is closing in on the Mother of Warlords, the Head and Shoulders of the Many Arms of Death. Lured to her former home in Brussels, Kate Kane is prepared to confront her nemesis, as well as the fragmented memories of her past. Wandering through her abandoned house, memories of her past life filter through until finally confronted by her former lover, Safiyah.

Apparently she’s been waiting for Kate Kane to put the puzzle together, expecting her to show up at this long-abandoned home in Belgium. I can’t help but wonder: whay wasn’t the property sold? Or at least cleared out? And how long was Safiyah willing to wait? One might argue her organization kept tabs on Batwoman to let her know of her eventual arrival. But keeping tabs on a super-hero seems challenging, given the lengths they go to maintain secrecy.

The chapter ends on a revelation which I found disappointing. It seems ever since Batman (1989), comic and movies have a policy of tying the creation of the hero in with the creation of the villain. It’s happened in such movies as Captain America, Spider-Man and Black Panther, and in comics such as Green Lantern, Thor and Cyborg. And now Batwoman. It all seems very convenient.

Honestly, though, I’ve grown bored with this book. I should probably go back and re-read all the issues together to be sure, but it seems to wander a great deal. There have been moments that have been interesting – such as the visit to Scarecrow’s underground lab – but they seem too drawn out to be completely satisfying.

Rating: 5/10

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