DC Comics
Review: Batgirl #32
By Philip Schweier
February 27, 2019 - 08:15

DC Comics
Writer(s): Mairghread Scott
Penciller(s): Paul Pelletier
Inker(s): Norm Rapmund
Colourist(s): Jordie Bellaire
Letterer(s): Andworld Design
Cover Artist(s): Emanuela Luppachino, Dave McCaig; Derrick Chew

Batgirl is a hero, because killing is wrong, regardless of the who or why. That’s how heroes are, right? But in this issue she fights that battle rather vigorously, prepared to almost die herself before seeing a human life taken. The other side of the argument is presented, but seemingly lost, if for no other reason than it her name on the cover.


Some might suggest that such a political hot potato has no place in a comic book, but I disagree. As long as it serves the story, I’m fine with it, regardless of which side I may take. I just object to that it seemed delivered in a somewhat heavy-handed manner. And the results thereof are a set back in Batgirl’s investigation.


Which means the story is far from over, but I’m ready for it to be. It has a bit of a murder mystery quality to it, which I enjoy, but I’d very much like to see clues that might point to some answers. What I’ve seen so far has been Batgirl’s efforts to stop a killer, without much success.


Unfortunately, the story is to be continued, but that includes a detour into another DC title. At least it’s still part of the Bat-franchise, but not one of the better known books. It’s a shame if it’s only a ploy to juice the readership of that particular title, because it’s hardly a sustainable strategy.



PS - You know how Superman and Batman have been accused of wearing their underwear outside their pants? Batgirl does the same thing, with her bat-shaped sports bra

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