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Who's Who - Avi Weinryb
By Hervé St-Louis
August 2, 2012 - 21:25

Avi Weinryb is one of those writers that even though he no longer is at ComicBookBin, is still on my Facebook speedial! It happens. Avi hails from Toronto and was deeply interested in comics. Then an undergraduate student, his first assignment was an interview with a comic book creator. Avi contributed all kinds of articles to ComicBookBin during his years. He left in 2009 when he had to go to graduate school abroad in Israel. I would say that was a perfectly good reason for quitting!

It seems when I look back at his profile that Green Lantern was his favourite character. Avi was always careful in his writing which shows the good preparation he had as a student. His articles were well written and his grammar and spelling very clean. He really needed these skills as graduate work involves a lot of writing. Over the years, I’ve sometimes acted like an older mentor. I really liked that Avi went on to study strategic studies, just like I had a year prior. He’s probably read On War by Carl von Clausewitz. Anyone who’s read that and The Art of War and some Henri Jomini is cool in my book!

Avi came back to North America and works with various Jewish advocacy groups. One of the greatest legacies of Avi was introducing me to Eli, his best friend, but that, is a story for another Who's Who!

Who's Who @ComicBookBin is a feature celebrating the 10th anniversary of ComicBookBin where publisher Hervé St-Louis features writers past and present that have contributed to ComicBookBin over the years.

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Who's Who - Avi Weinryb
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