DC Comics
Review: Astro City #48
By Philip Schweier
Oct 25, 2017 - 11:44

DC Comics
Writer(s): Kurt Busiek
Artist(s): Norton
Colourist(s): Peter Pantazis
Letterer(s): Comicraft
Cover Artist(s): Alex Ross

Yesterday, I lost one of my cats. She was one of many, but caring for an animal is an emotional investment. Sad though it is, I grieve more for one of the other cats with whom she had bonded. So the story of G’Dog evolves into a bit of an Old Yeller kind of tale (tail?).

Hank – the co-star of the story – is the best kind of hero, the best kind of friend. Pets have a way of saving us, because they demonstrate an uncommon devotion in the worst of times. Sometimes they may seem like a burden, or an anchor, denying us the freedom to just pick up and go, but that pales in comparison to what they bring to our lives.

But the super-hero G’Dog is a blend of two beings, Andy and his dog Hank. So when one half of the team is lost, it brings into question the other half. This is true for most partnerships – marriages and such. How does you continue after the loss of the best part of you? I fear only those who have experienced that kind of loss can answer that, and the answer will be different every time.

It’s a satisfying story, if not an altogether cheerful one. There is no happy ending for all, though matters play out as perhaps they should. But it makes me sit and take greater notice of Astro City; or, as I sometimes call it, “AsTROCity.” What I believed to be just another universe of super-heroes has greater depth than I realized. The costumes are merely the window dressing for the narrative.

Rating: 10/10

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