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Adrian Tomine in Toronto
By Avi Weinryb
October 25, 2007 - 13:47

Toronto's annual literary celebration, the International Festival of Authors, has rolled into town and this year it features Adrian Tomine amongst its ‘graphic novelist’ offerings.

Tomine is the highly regarded author of the Optic Nerve series. His masterfully produced, ever-growing body of work is published by Montreal’s Drawn and Quarterly. His illustrations have also been featured in many mainstream magazines, as well as on the merchandise of rock band Weezer.

A new novel, Shortcomings, is Tomine’s first attempt at a long-form graphic novel. Its content is collected from its originally serialized format in the Optic Nerve series.

Adrian Tomine is to be interviewed by Toronto novelist Sheila Heti in an event hosted by Peter Birkemoe, co-owner of The Beguiling comic shop. The event is to take place on Saturday, October 27th at 3:00pm at the Studio Theatre at York Quay Ctr, 235 Queens Quay West . Tickets may be purchased through the Festival’s web site.

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Adrian Tomine in Toronto