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Action Lab Joins the Top 20
By The Editor
September 30, 2014 - 18:54

It’s been a long road to get there but Action Lab Entertainment has been making strides every single month, gaining fans around to world. Now as the company prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary, Action Lab is now one of the Top 20 comic publishers in the United States.

According to Diamond Comic Distributors, Action Lab Entertainment is #20 in Retail market Share and # 17 in Unit Market Share. Action Lab now joins premiere publishers like Dark Horse Comics, IDW and Image Comics as producers of exciting alternative comics.

Action Lab Entertainment began four years ago as response to the need for new voices and new concepts. In that time the company has grown from a single successful Kickstarter with their flagship title, Fracture, into an award winning media company. It’s continued growth in a crowded comics market is proof positive that this is a company that can stand head to head with any publisher, and come out on top.

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