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My 2022 G.I Joe Classified Wishlist


By Hervé St-Louis
June 8, 2022 - 13:44

My previous Classified G.I. Joe list is halfway done and now I can focus my wants on another set of figures that I would like. G.I Joe Classified has been a runaway hit with me and many other collectors. While the line started as a contemporary imaging of the 1980s and 1990s action figures, it is slowly emulating the designs of the earlier figures ever more. I would rather more difference between lines, but I’ll still support the hobby. Because of gas prices and inflation, I am pickier about which figures I get and have stopped collecting lines like Marvel Legends, Transformers, and Star Wars to focus mainly on my favourite, G.I. Joe Classified. However, I will not purchase repaints or new versions of figure, unless they are exceptional, like the new all-white Storm Shadow.

Like in my first wish list, there will be twelve Joes and ten Cobras, followed by more figures that should be good to have one day. Most of my initial Cobra list has been done which leaves room for more good stuff to be added. On the Joe side, I have many more favourite still missing in action.

Updated June 14, 2023.

1.     Scrap Iron
Cobra’s weapon engineer. He is coming in 2023.


2.     Tele-Viper
The communications and tech experts at Cobra. He is coming in 2023 with a Cobra Trouble Bubble.


3.     Eel
Cobra’s frogmen. Announced for 2023.


4.    Zandar
Zartan’s expert camouflage and covert operation sibling.


5.    Buzzer
The smart Dreadnok.


6.     Ripper
The stupid Dreadnok who sounds like Cobra Commander. He is coming in 2023.


7.    Torch
The grape cola drinking Dreadnok.


8.     Snow Serpent
The ultra cool and competent arctic troopers. Announced for 2023-2024.


9.    Wild Weasel
The badly poetic pilot of the Rattler.


10.    Monkey Wrench
Another Dreadnok!


11.     Big Boa
Cobra’s PT instructor and trainer. He is coming in 2023.


My Joe list has changed a bit with Stalker, Cover Girl, Torpedo, and Lt. Falcon having been announced. Everything else that I wanted in 2020 still has not been announced.


1.     Grunt
The everyday infantryman. He's coming in 2023.


2.     Hawk
The fearless commander of the G.I. Joe team. He is coming in 2023.


3.    Flash
The first G.I. Joe laser rifle trooper.


4.    Mainframe
The computer geek. We all need a geek like Mainframe!


5.    Zap
The bazooka artillery trooper.


6.    Short-Fuze
The original (and mostly the only) mortar-handling soldier of the G.I. Joe team.


7.     Ripcord
The Halo jumper parachute trooper. Announced with the 2024 Dragonfly Haslab.


8.     Tripwire
The mine expert who is clumsy as hell! He is coming in 2023.


9.     Chuckles
The Hawaii wear secret agent. He is coming in 2023.


10.    Doc
Every one’s favourite medic. We saw how cool he would look in a bigger scale from Super7. Let’s hope we get him soon.


11.    Blowtorch
The cool flamethrower handler.


Honourable Mentions

12.    Grand Slam
The jetpack operator with a laser gun.

13.    Sci-Fi
The ultra neon green laser riffle trooper.

14.    Steeler
The Mobat tank driver and a ranking officer.

15.    Alpine
The mountain trooper.

16.    Mutt and Junkyard
The dog handler. Announced for 2023-2024.

17.    Footloose
The pot-smoking and Zen infantryman.

18.     Low Light
The nightwatchman. He is coming in 2023.

19.     Quick Kick
The martial artist into movies. He is coming in 2023.

20.    Wetsuit
The other SEAL expert.

Last Updated: August 31, 2023 - 08:12

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