Interview With BCI Eclipse

By Hervé St.Louis
May 29, 2006 - 7:36

BCI Eclipse has announced several new DVD release of 1980s cartoon animation series such as Masters of The Universe and Flash Gordon. We found out more about their plans for nostalgia collectors. Jeff Hayne, Director of Acquisitions for BCI Eclipse answered a few of our questions.

So far you've announced DVD collections of She-ra, He-Man, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon. Am I missing any other series?

We will be releasing Groovy Goolies, Space Sentinels / Freedom Force and Blackstar this summer and fall.

Where were these additional series broadcast and in what years?

Groovy Goolies 1970-71, Space Sentinels / Freedom Force 1977-78 and Blackstar 1981.

I don't recall ever seeing the Flash Gordon cartoon or Prince Valiant as a kid. Where were they broadcast and in what year?

Flash Gordon aired in 1977 - 79 and then in syndication. Prince Valiant has never been on tv in U.S.

Are they any unannounced series that you guys are working on?

Yes.  They will all be announced at this year's Comicon convention.

Will the collection feature just a few episode to be purchased in several lower priced DVDs or will you sell them as complete seasons?

Predominantly season sets, but lower priced alternatives should be available in the future.

Did you have to obtain all the rights from several animation studios or were the rights with one media group?

We had to pursue the rights with several animation studios.

How do you go about determining the right series you want to market next?

Research!  We reached out to the fans by exploring the chat rooms and fan groups and asking them directly.

Was the conversion process easy. I mean, were they good beta tape masters of the series that you wanted to adapt or did you have to fix some problems?

In most cases, fantastic materials were provided.

The music for Master of The Universe was designed by a Haim Saban - who also produced X-Men cartoons and The Power Rangers in the 1990s. He repeatedly used his soundtrack in several cartoon series. Were there any licensing problems with the using his music in the Masters of The Universe?

Not for a majority of the releases, but there were a few instances where some extra time and effort was required.

The special effects on He-Man and She-Ra were groovy for their period, will your adaptation capture that spirit?

We certainly hope so!

Will all the public announcements in the cartoons be available as extras or as part of each episodes?

The psa's will be available as part of the episodes.

What kind of support have you received from King Features and Mattel, the respective owners of some of the licensed material you are adapting?


He-Man reused a lot of animation. Do you think this aspect will annoy more modern viewers or will they fall for its' nostalgia lure?

It's campy but fun.  Postive nostalgia is the desired reaction.

What languages will be included in each DVDs?

Spanish language tracks will be available for a majority of the Filmation titles.

What kind of extras can we expect?

The extras will vary with each release and might include the following: Documentaries, model sheets, audio commentary, art cards, Easter eggs, scripts and more.

Did you manage to have some interviews with some of the original show creators?

Most of them!

Usually, for cartoon series, the design is amateur, using retraced cel art with thick lines instead of capturing the original feel of the series. Will you have good designs for the DVD boxes?

Please see He-Man box sets.

Will the intros be short enough and not feature annoying 3D animation that takes forever to start so we can jump quickly to the main menu after seeing the FBI screens?

Shouldn't be annoying...but yes there will be full motion menus.

What kind of sound formats will there be available?

There will be original sound and video aspect ratio.

Any plans for the Galaxy Rangers, Inspector Gadget, The Real Ghotsbusters, M.A.S.K, Pole Position, Dungeon and Dragons and the Defenders of The Earth?

Yes to to others ;)

Thank you for your time.

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