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The Eternals #1 of 6

By Hervé St-Louis
July 4, 2006 - 13:32

All Eternals have been brainwashed or made to forget their past, except for Ikaris, who remembers a little. He seeks his fellow Eternal, Makkari who is living the life of medical intern Mark Curry and refuses to listen to the crazy man outside the staircase who can float. Sersi lives with a friend and doesn’t pay her share of the rent. Someone wants to keep everything quiet and end Ikaris’s crusade. Mark Curry may just be the one to help them do it.

Last week when this book was just released, I skipped it. There was so much hype that I was afraid it was empty. I’m not one of those readers who assumes that everything Neil Gaiman does is good. But I couldn’t hold on much longer so this week, I jumped in. I was pleasantly surprised. Right off the bat, I don’t know where this fit within continuity. It’s implied that the Civil War is going on, but I don’t know anything about the last time we saw the Eternals. I was always confused about the Eternals, the Celestials, the deviants and the Inhumans. As Gaiman is known for tight continuity, that should not be a problem.

The story retells part of the Eternals’ origin as remembered by Ikaris. It’s a good plot device for new readers and those familiar with the characters. The tone of the series is sober and mature. There’s enough to make me return next month. The Eternals are much like the New Gods at DC Comics. They were both created by Jack Kirby. It will be interesting to see where this series goes.

Romita draws the same like always. His Sersi has the bimbo look he draws so often. Ikaris has the neanderthal face without a touch of grace. Makkari is slimmer. Instead of looking like metallic giants patterned after Galactus, the Celestials look like they are made of stone. Romita easily lets us imagine the size and grandeur of those enigmatic creatures. Everything is off to a good start. It’s a must pick for sure.

Rating: 9 /10

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